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Zibo Haiyusheng Ceramics Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing and selling floor tiles and wall tiles with complete categories. Products include interior wall tiles, polished tiles, marble texture tiles, anti-slip tiles, etc. Our products have low water absorption, are not afraid of acid and alkali, and high hardness, which can be used in outdoor places.

Zibo Haiyusheng Ceramics Co., Ltd.

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Address: Pengjia Village, Shuangyang Town, Zichuan District,Zibo City, Shandong Province, China

Zibo Haiyusheng Ceramics Co., Ltd.

The product quality is stable. The market is constantly changing, and our company should also change with the times, keep pace with the times, constantly improve product quality and enrich product categories, adopt advanced management experience and adhere to the brand purpose of "credibility first", adhere to the business philosophy of building an excellent ceramic brand, which has been recognized and loved by a wide range of consumers, and enjoys a high reputation in the ceramic tile industry in Shandong, China.